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{short description of image}Are you tired of having your body hurt? Many of us have chronic body pain. We spend our time on the therapy merry-go-round, going from doctor to doctor, from massage therapist to acupuncturist, without lasting change. Billions of dollars annually are spent on medications to alleviate (not cure) pain.

Take heart! Help is on the way---in the form of a new style of therapy that really works. NeuroCranial Restructuring, developed after fifteen years research by Dean Howell, N.D. in 1995, is the first physical medicine technique to treat the cause of physical pains rather than the symptoms.

Dr. Howell says, "I was frustrated with the treatments I was providing in my naturopathic family practice. People came back week after week to receive the same temporarily effective treatment. Why did their spines need to go 'out-of-place' week after week? Why did their headaches continue to reoccur? I finally realized that I was treating only the symptoms of their problems. The spine, I now understand, is working perfectly when it continues to go into the same painful pattern week after week. The spine's main job is to support the head, and the brain needs the skull to be as stable as possible. The body's solution to insure cranial stability is to move the bones and muscles into an alignment that stabilizes the head."

"The old concept of the bones being 'out' was wrong. The brain continually finds a pattern for the musculoskeletal system that provides structural stability for the brain and body, and the body continues to return to that same stable pattern again and again even if it is painful. With traditional therapy techniques I was reducing pain and de-stabilizing my patients' bodies, ensuring that they would need to return shortly for another symptom-relieving treatment. I hated this. NeuroCranial Restructuring is the answer to this problem. The emphasis with NCR is on correcting the cranial balancing patterns. This simplifies the skull and musculoskeletal patterns too. The body no longer needs to return to the same stable painful pattern. With NCR I provide a corrective treatment whose results accumulate with continued treatment.

NeuroCranial Restructuring optimizes brain and body functions. The NCR doctors report that they consistently have results with conditions as diverse as headaches, back pain, scoliosis, depression, learning disabilities, sleep apnea and sinusitis. The link between these conditions is that they are all caused by mechanical problems in the body.

Headaches, for instance, are triggered when structural problems in the head and neck cause the top bone in the neck (the atlas, C-1) to move 'out'. The cure is not to push the atlas back 'in' but to change the cranial balancing pattern so that the bone no longer needs to move into that painful position.

Other cranial movement techniques have less success than NCR because they work only on the external bones of the head, and this does not improve the stability of the sphenoid bone, an internal bone of the head. NCR doctors carefully determine the position of the sphenoid, calculate a treatment pattern and then enter the inside of the nose with small, inflatable balloons. The balloons are inflated and re-positioned for two to five seconds one to four times per treatment session, always determined by the results of physical examination that day. The pressure used creates an intense sensation for the patient. The treatments work best in sequences of four days, rather than the weekly or monthly pattern used in other physical medicine techniques.

Besides the relief of physical pain symptoms, NCR patients report changes in their moods and feelings. Tensions decreases. Creativity is enhanced. Marital relationships improve. Learning becomes easier. The symptomatic treatment of psychiatric conditions can often be gradually discontinued. The optimization of nervous system function creates these changes and more.

Why continue palliative
(symptomatic) therapy?


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