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NCR is the most powerful manipulation technique now available. It works by optimizing the shape of the skull and brain function, which normalizes spinal curves and improves nervous system control of the organs. NCR creates permanent incremental change towards maximal bodily stability, symmetry and nervous system function.

Phil had sleep apnea one of worst in the history of Nevada. A sleep study confirmed that Phil would wake up 45 times an hour because he stopped breathing. In addition, he'd be paralyzed up to 15 minutes each morning upon awakening. Doctors urged him to have surgery and to sleep nightly with forced air pumps to control the symptoms of this "incurable" disease. Instead, Phil chose NCR--and now he's completely cured! NCRNeuroCranial Restructuring is a new manipulation technique to permanently treat a wide variety of conditions, including head, neck and back pain, sinus and breathing disorders, depression, whiplash, anxiety, vision problems, seizures, phobias, hyperactivity, dyslexia, low energy, hyperactivity, TMJ, insomnia, snoring, ear infections and much more.

I tried NCR treatments with the therapy's founder, Dr. Dean Howell, to give a boost to my general health. My spine (crooked since birth and swayback) straightened, feels loose, and I no longer have back or neck pain. For the first time my weight feels evenly distributed on both legs. There's a lightness and a spring in my step. My chronically stuffy nose cleared, I need less sleep, have more energy and my face is becoming more symmetrical, well-rounded and beautiful. I'm amazed at the great changes a series of only 4 treatments can produce!

Besides the physical changes, I've also noticed that my memory has improved. I also feel happier, calmer and better able to adapt to emotional challenges. Other people receiving NCR report better concentration, clarity and decision-making as well as improved relationships, meditation and ability to be
in the present moment.

Phil: Before & After

Before - & - After

Throughout life trauma accumulates in the body, starting with the birth process. Trauma distorts and locks up the skull, which in turn locks up the whole body. NCR removes the effects of trauma by unlocking the skull, gradually moving the bones and tissues into a more appropriate position so that the proper mechanical functioning of all bodily systems is restored.

This has the effect of freeing each NCR patient to be the magnificent person nature intendedfully and gracefully moving to

NCR is unique in its ability to move the bones outward from inside the head. A small, specially designed balloon is placed into the top of the throat through the nostrils. When the balloon is inflated, its pressure on the bones that line the inside of the nose makes one or more of the jammed skull joints come unlocked. Then the connective tissues inside the head spring into action and push the bones back out towards their optimal position.

Before the balloon is inserted, the patient receives a precise examination and diagnosis so that the most effective balloon combination and angle can be chosen. Though balloon inflation can cause temporary discomfort, NCR is exceedingly safe. And because it enables the body to optimize its structure and functions, it accelerates all other therapies. NCR seems to better integrate the body and mind, boosting our self-healing abilities.

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