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Dr. Musich's own personal experience with Chiropractic and NCR

When I was born, I was delivered with forceps.  This is a very traumatic experience for a newborn.  The head is squeezed, twisted and pulled with a great deal of force.  I was always sick.   Runny noses, colds, ear infections.  When I was four, I lost my hearing.   My parents took me to the M.D. and recommended surgery to lance my eardrums allowing the fluid in the middle of my ears to drain out onto the side of my face.   After the surgery, I could hear for about six months when again I went deaf.   The Dr. stated that the holes had healed and the cycle repeated itself. 

Rather than perform repeated surgery which would only scar the ear drum further, he told my parents to take me to deaf school.   My mom took me home and my dad when to the tavern!  While discussing my dilemma with the bartender, a guy on the bar stool next to him recommended he take me to the chiropractor.  He explained how the first chiropractic patient was a janitor who had been deaf for 17 years.  Through the first chiropractic adjustments, he had regained his hearing.  So my dad thought, what have I got to lose, he can't get any worse!  After two adjustments, my hearing was restored!  After that, my parents became patients as well as my other five siblings.

When I was 15, I fell out of bed and struck my head on the floor, got back in bed and went to sleep.  When I woke, my neck was twisted and I couldn't move it at all without excruciating pain.  We went to the chiropractor a few times and it was better.  Six months later I started losing my hearing again.  My parents felt that since I hadn't had a hearing problem since I was four, and I just had an adjustment a few months ago that we had better go back to the M.D.   A sound booth test determined I had lost 86% of my hearing.  The recommendation was to remove my tonsils and adenoids and implant tubes in my ears to allow the fluid to drain.  Instead, my parents took me to the chiropractor and within one adjustment, my ears drained as they are supposed to and my hearing was once again restored.

In 1976, I was involved in a serious automobile accident.  The dashboard was pushed in about one foot with the right side of my head and I fractured two bones in the upper part of my back.  When I awoke from a short coma, I had intense ringing inside my head.  Chiropractic fixed my back but had very little affect on my hearing.  I couldn't hear a phone in my right ear, nor could I hear behind and to the right.  I had to pop my ears several times a day and the ringing was incessant.  In 1998 my ears were getting worse.  I was seeing the best chiropractors in the world without results.  I was also experiencing major lower back pain that was not responding.  I was going to get hearing aids.

In August, 1998 a patient brought in a flyer explaining NCR.  We had a good laugh.  But since he was interested I faxed it to my very good friend Dr. Deltorto who does a lot of cranial work.  He called after receiving the fax.  Again, we had a good laugh!  He promised he would check it out.  He called me one month later, very excited, and told he was so impressed by the information that Dr. Howell had sent that he was going to take the seminar and that I should go.  I didn't, he did.  In January, 1999 we met at a seminar in Las Vegas.  After telling me about the wonderful results he was getting, he recommended I try it.  Well, I got the nerve up and let him examine me.  He determined I needed one inflation in the right lower turbinate.  That inflation opened up my right ear completely and I could hear perfectly for the first time that I could remember.  The next day an inflation was done in the left middle turbinate.   My left ear opened up.  I didn't know that one was bad until then.  After the session of four inflations, I felt more relaxed than I have ever felt in my life.

I have tossed and turned in bed my whole life.  I had sleep apnea and snored terribly.  Now I sleep like a log, snore very quietly and breath normally while I sleep.  My lower back clicked and popped and snapped for about one month.  My lower back is relatively pain free and the ringing in my ears is hardly noticeable.  I was so excited with my results that one month later I took my wife, four kids and my brother-in-law who also suffers with sleep apnea to Dr. Deltorto's for treatment.  My 11 year old son had terrible posture, head leaning forward and rounded shoulders.  He also had a tooth that wouldn't come in since he was eight that the dentist wanted to pull and recommended braces.  I couldn't see putting braces on a growing skull, so we left him that way hoping the tooth would grow into place.  My son had three inflations, on the fourth day he was clear.   Children's skulls are very dynamic as they are still growing so they don't always need four inflations.  My nine and four year old daughters each had two inflations.   We came home on Sunday night.  Monday morning my son came running up to me yelling "Dad, Dad!  Look at my tooth!  It had dropped down into place over night.  He also had overlapping teeth that are straightening out.  His posture is perfect!  My brother-in-law's sleep apnea is gone.  I am more flexible than I have ever been.  I get an adjustment about every 8-10 weeks. 

In June of 1999 I took the 7-day course from Dr. Howell.  NCR is one of the most amazing treatments I have ever seen!   There is no substitute for Chiropractic, however, if you have tried everything including Chiropractic and are still suffering, NCR may be the answer.  I can honestly say, I have never felt this good in my life!

Dr. Charles Musich

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