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II. General Questions

Can everyone benefit from NCR?

Yes. I have never seen a perfect skull and spine. This means that some amount of treatment could be useful for everybody, even though they may have no presenting complaints.

How many treatments do I need? Why do some people need more treatments than others do?

I never know how many treatments any person may need. This is for two reasons:

People have different reasons for seeking therapy

For instance, some people seek NCR because of a specific pain or area of trouble in their bodies. For them, they will stop treatment as soon as their problem stops. With simple conditions like sinusitis, as few as four treatments may be stop the sinus problems. With other conditions, like dystonia or severe spinal problems, treatment could last sixty treatments without exhausting the potential for continued improvement.

Other people have larger, less concrete goals when they receive therapy. If a person wishes to optimize their bodily functions (as I do) or they have serious or complicated conditions affecting their health, treatment can be more of an open-ended situationthey can get treatments for a long time.

Neither of these groups of people is right or wrong. Either of these plans can be right for the individual. Some people may even change their concepts as treatment progresses, and this is fine too. The nature of NCR treatment, with its essentially permanent results, allows a person to stop treatment at almost any time (after the completion of each treatment sequence).

Bodies change at different rates

I have never known of two people who had identical bodies. This is because people have different genetic forms and different life experiences. By the time people come to me for treatment, they are unique, individual structures. In a way, people are like puzzles for me to untangle. Some puzzles are easier to solve than others, and some people's bodies change more quickly than others. I never know how fast a person will change. I never know how much a person will move from a single treatment. I never know what tomorrow's treatment will cause or require. I simply, continually release the obstructions in a person's structure that prevent him/her from moving towards the ideal structure the body was designed to have, free of deformity of life's traumas.

Do a lot of people return for further treatment?

Yes. Most people find it necessary to return for more than one treatment sequence to get the results they desire. For most, four or five treatment sequences (sixteen or twenty treatments) is a probable treatment requirement.

How long does each treatment take?

NCR is scheduled to last thirty-two minutes each day. This includes the time with Dr. Howell and the NCR massage.

Why do you schedule treatments four days in a row? Is there a limit to how many treatments I should get in a row? How long should I wait between sequences?

Experience has taught me that isolated treatments are less effective than clusters of treatments. In a manner similar to getting momentum as you roll down a hill, the skull gains movement speed as treatments accumulate day after day. This means that results that cannot be created with isolated treatment become more predictable with more dense treatment sequences. It is, however, more intense than getting treatments one at a time. Generally, after four days of treatment, a person is ready to rest from the rigors of NCR. With enthusiastic, NCR-experienced persons, I will permit more than four days of treatment in a row.

After four days of treatment, a person continues to change for three weeks or more. This is why I make a person wait for a period of time between treatment sequences. In the unusual situations where a person will have six or eight treatments in less than two weeks, I will not allow them to have treatment for a longer period of time.

For patients who are interested in changing very rapidly, I recommend that they average four treatments monthly (one treatment sequence every four weeks). On the other end, there are some people who see me for a treatment sequence once annually, and they continue to show cumulative improvements. For the average person, having a treatment sequence every two to four months is a very satisfactory rate of change. At this treatment frequency, the speed of improvement is slow enough to prevent the flu and fever reactions that are associated with rapid change.

Why do you take pictures before and after each series?

While NCR treatment accumulates, changes in the appearance of the face and the position of the spine, head and pelvis are constant. Nobody can remember that many details about a person's appearance. I continue to take photos after each treatment sequence to document these changes.

How long can I keep getting benefits from each treatment series and from NCR in general?

Each NCR treatment sequence is long lasting. Most of the changes are permanent. However, most people are continually getting traumatized by their emotional life, the nature of their work/activities and by the therapies they receive from dentists and others. For these problems, most people find that they need to get more NCR sequences occasionally.

Additionally, there is no reason to stop receiving treatment; nobody is perfect. As long as the head, spine and pelvis are not perfect, there is room for more improvement in the structure and the mind with further treatment. For those people who wish to be their best, NCR is part of the path

Consider those people who strive to become more perfect and develop psychic/spiritual abilities. How can they achieve these things with a brain that is not performing optimally? Of course it is important to perfect the lifestyle and the physical and mental activities of one's life, but without structural optimization, there will be a limitation on the amount of improvement available.

I predict that NCR will become an important facet in the developmental process for higher consciousness.

How long after having a fracture to my nose can I begin treatment? What are the precautions in treating me?

Without X-ray, many apparent broken noses are misdiagnosed. Many injuries are only displacements of the nasal bones. Endonasal balloons can be used to set a displaced or broken nose. This is often better than the common orthopedic techniques. With a true nasal fracture, after the bones are well set, NCR treatment should be delayed until the fracture is fully healed. In questionable cases, X-ray should confirm this. Generally six to twelve weeks is a sufficient waiting period.

What are the youngest and the oldest ages you can treat with NCR?

Babies need to be born before NCR can be begun, and the sooner they are treated the better. There is no upper limit for treatment, as long as the patient is still alive.

Will I feel okay to go out to eat after a treatment? What about eating before my treatment?

It is best to eat only lightly before treatment. Sometimes treatment can feel very powerful, and it is more comfortable not to be full at that time.

Your appetite should be just fine soon after treatment. After NCR you usually feel disoriented for about fifteen minutes. Less than twenty per cent of the people have long-lasting effects like fever, cold symptoms or headache after that. Just eat sensibly (as you always should)!

Who is eligible to be trained as a NCR therapist? How long does the initial training take and what does it cost?

A doctor whose licensure permits endonasal therapy techniques could be accepted into my training program for NCR. Classes are limited to six doctors for an intense, one-week course. The class takes about sixty hours and costs $3000. The course includes four treatments from me, a set of before-and-after treatment photos of each participant, enough equipment to begin practicing NCR, observation of me performing at least forty-eight treatments, observation of other doctors performing forty-nine more treatments and personally treating two patients for four days while I supervise.

Do other doctors practice NCR?

Yes. A list of doctors who have passed my training class and the dates of their continuing education with Dr. Dean is available from the Naturopathic Dispensary for $59.95. Call 1-(888) 252-0411 or get it on the Internet at

What's involved in my being a patient for a student doctor during one of the NCR training courses? How much does it cost to be seen by a student doctor?

When there is a training class, there are spaces available for up to twelve patients. These people are generally inexperienced with NeuroCranial Restructuring. The current charge for the training course is $250 for a four-treatment series, including an orientation talk from the training doctor, four treatments from the training doctor while I supervise and a set of before-and-after treatment photographs. Sign up for these spaces with my front office staff. My ability to accept training patients is conditional on having doctors sign up for a training class. Not all the dates set aside for training can be used for NCR courses. Help me recruit doctors of good potential for the NCR training course!

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