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"My 9-year old son, Zachary, was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in the second
grade. We went through the usual medications (Ritalin, Dexadrine, and finally
Adderall)---all serious narcotics with potentially fatal side effects. My son could
"focus" when he was on these medications, but he was losing 5 pounds a month
of body weight. I would rather see my son unfocused, hyperactive and willful
than drug him anymore!

Zachary was not sleeping well, was wetting the bed, had no appetite, was
withdrawn and depressed, had a lot of anxiety with headaches and backaches
and very low self-esteem, Emotionally he was very sad. He really struggled in

Since his NCR treatment with Dr. Odmark, Zack’s been taken off all his
ADD/ADHD medications. He now appears happy and easy-going. He’s eager
to please, helpful, and he can now focus and direct his energy positively. He has
stopped wetting the bed and has a much higher esteem and confidence level.
He sleeps a lot better, and wakes in the morning refreshed and happy. Other
people and family members have really noticed the positive change in his
attitude and glowing appearance. I’m also so happy because he’s more
affectionate and responsible."

Thank You!

Diane Barnhart
Round Rock, Texas
1-24-99 (987 bytes)


For several months prior to my first treatment, I had been repeatedly biting my
tongue with my right incisor tooth. This caused a deep laceration of my tongue
which would not heal because I would continue to lacerate the same spot. The
first treatment corrected my bite. After approximately five weeks, I have only
slightly bitten my tongue twice with no laceration. In fact, I can now report that I
haven't bitten my tongue at all for over two weeks.

Another dramatic change for me is the correction of a chronic sinus problem
going back several years. My right sinus would not drain which led to one sinus
infection after another with the only effective treatment being one round of
antibiotics after another. At one point, the sinus infection migrated to my jaw.
When a normal treatment of antibiotics didn't work, my physician finally referred
my to an ENT specialist after becoming satisfied that I didn't have a tooth grinding
problem. The ENT specialist gave me an extended dose of antibiotics and had
me rinse my sinus with saline solution. Use of the saline solution healed my
condition much more than the steroid nose sprays that I could no longer use
because of the nose bleeding they induced. However, there came a time when
even the saline solution only provided temporary relief. Again, it was the very first
NCR treatment that unblocked my right sinus. I haven't had any problem with
sinus blockage or infection since then.

A concomitant problem to my sinus condition was a growing allergic sensitivity to
a number of things including our dog. It got to the point that we considered
getting rid of our pet. Also, I would have to wear a dust mask to mow the yard.
But even that would not provide adequate protection. In fact, just prior to my first
NCR treatment, my wife and I were both treated with antibiotics after I had mowed
an area of yard where there was mold present. Both my wife and I have had two
series of NCR treatments. And now we have both lost our allergic sensitivity. For
instance, yesterday, I mowed some of my yard without using a dust mask even
though the condition was dry and dusty and I was not adversely affected.

R.C. Kiser (987 bytes)


"I've been a patient of Dr. Dean's for many years, and he's helped me with a lot of severe low back problems, in fact, so much so that he got me back on the golf course when I thought I'd have to give it up for good.

He's been nagging me to do this "NCR stuff", and I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical.  He finally broke me down (I'm 68 and can be awfully stubborn at times), and I had my first sequence of treatments about a month ago.

I've been "full of beans" ever since! My posture has improved, my head doesn't "stick
out" anymore, and my energy level seems to have no limits. I feel much more relaxed.

Here's what really stunned me, though: I DON'T SNORE ANYMORE! My wife was
really worried at first, she was always checking on me at night to see if I was still
breathing, I was sleeping so quietly. I didn't expect that kind of added bonus, and I have
to say, this NCR is pretty phenomenal stuff."

Retired Admiral Robert S. Lucas
June 7, 1999 (987 bytes)


Hello! My name is Johni McGee, I'm 19 years old and I wanted to share my
incredible story with others. When I was 17, I suddenly began to develop
severe headaches right out of the blue. The headaches were blinding and
along with them I had a lot of head pressure, pain in my neck, dizziness and
numbness in parts of my skull.

I started to go to a headache institute and was given many spinal taps and
nerve blocks and was told that I had a "pseudo-tumor". I was put on Prozac,
Darvocet, Naprosyn and Amytriptolin. For months, the only food I could eat
was bread, anything else revolted me. So I was living on a diet of bread and
pills, feeling continually worse.

One day I was talking to my Dad and I suddenly didn't know who he was or
where I was, it scared the heck out of him. My doctors then wanted to install
some kind of shunt in my head, and that's when every fiber of my being
shouted, "NO!".

I went the very next day to see Dr. Odmark, a patient of his knew my dad. I
stopped taking all my meds and concentrated on getting my adjustments,
taking some vitamins and drinking lots of water. In less that two months, my
headaches were about 75% decreased and I had no more dizziness.

Dr. Sherson was urging me to do the NCR treatment, but it took me till only
recently to finally do it. All I can say is, Wow. WOW, WOW, WOW!! I'm so
sorry I waited so long.

I could write pages about how much better I'm feeling, but here it is in a
nutshell: My balance was really bad before NCR, it's improved so
dramatically! I've been bursting with energy, my headaches are totally gone,
and there's been only slight head pressure.

I've felt all my life that I've had so much anger bottled up inside of me,
almost like permanent PMS. I don't know why, but I feel so much of the
anger has abated. I'm way more outspoken, I've been feeling calm and
optimistic, my self-esteem has shot up!

I've been telling everyone I know about the NCR. Some people are interested,
some don't care. All I know is that the chiropractic and NCR have given me
another life. I expect to keep getting better, better and better, I feel the
possibilities are endless.


Johni McGee (987 bytes)

On Top of the World

I wanted to have this NCR work done because I was hoping for improvement in
my health on many levels, including depression. It's been a month since I
completed my sequence, and here is what's happened.

1.) I'm a lot more confident and positive, much more decisive, and far more

2.) My depression has lifted!

3.) I don't feel like I "live in fear" anymore.

4.) I have A LOT MORE energy, in fact, there have been a few nights in the
past month that I've stayed up all night without feeling fatigue the next day.

5.) My eyesight seems to be better.

I've had the courage to change the direction my life was going in, and I feel calm
and optimistic about some of the decisions I've recently made. I'm ready to take
on the world!

Dawn Barto
6-14-99 (987 bytes)

"I decided to have some NCR work done shortly after being involved in an auto accident.  I have always been a very shy person, pretty nervous sometimes, and I get bouts of depression and anxiety. I don't always feel like my brain is in "sync" (have trouble in focusing and concentrating on things) and I'm always tired.

I've only had one sequence of NCR done so far, and here is what I think: Life is worth
living again! I'm actually excited to start a new day and my energy has increased. One
thing I've really noticed is that my confidence level has really gone up and I'm more
relaxed. I used to feel like a spectator when I was in a group, but now I feel like
participating. I want to be more of a part of things.

I still have everyday problems to deal with, but they don't phase me nearly as much. I am a much happier person. I plan on doing my second sequence of NCR in three weeks, and I'm really excited to see what additional change it will bring about in me."

Marsha Alsobrooks
2-3-99 (987 bytes)


"I was in a very bad bus accident in 1987. I broke my neck when I crashed through the windshield with my head, and my left shoulder came right out of the socket.
Since that time I've had many problems and quite frankly, chiropractic is the only thing that's kept me going, even though I've had so many medical tests.

The worst of it's also been that I've always suffered with "dancing eyes syndrome" (Nystagmus). When I look off to the side, my eyes go haywire, they dart back and
forth like crazy, and I can't control it. I usually cannot even get out of bed and feel "awake" before noon. My memory and focus were shot, my mind and thinking
were very fuzzy. I lost my sense of smell and all desire to work. It's awfully hard to have any ambition when you're exhausted all the time.

I was very eager to have the NCR work done by Dr. Odmark, I knew he would never steer me wrong. This work has been a God-send to me. After the very first group of treatments my eyes stopped dancing! After treatment #3, I went outside and could smell smoke for the first time in 12 years. I am so much more mentally alert, I don't need all that sleep anymore and I'm starting to feel normal again. My wife says I'm a completely
different person. (She's so happy, that she's scheduled to have NCR done, too.)

I never would've thought I could have such a turn-around, especially at my age of 63. I believe this new treatment is going to change a lot of lives."

Ken Butler
1-25-99 (987 bytes)


I am 55 years old. For the past 30 years I have had daily headaches - some mild
and many extremely painful. I tried all types of healing including the emotional
and the medical approaches. Other than the headaches I have pretty good
health. I am slim and fit. I exercise regularly and am constantly striving for
greater emotional stability and health. Still nothing knocks out the headaches!

I heard of Dr. Odmark and his NCR work through a friend. Although it was like
nothing I had ever heard of before, something in what I heard about the work
spoke to me and I felt compelled to make the trip to San Antonio recently.

The treatment was very thorough, and when Dr. Odmark explained what it
would do, it made total sense. From the first treatment, I had no headaches. I
woke up in the morning feeling great - no usual sinus blockage to deal with. My
posture has improved dramatically. I have spent a lot of years on an emotional
roller coaster of my own making. I now feel much more centered and
emotionally calm. I have a new sense of spiritual oneness. I feel like former
barriers between myself and others, mostly born out of fear, are now dissolving.
When I think of someone in another town that I love, I feel as if they were
sitting in front of me, it feels that close.

In these 30 days following my series, I have a sense of being reborn. It is like I
have a new chance at life here in my later years. What a gift! I am careful to
guard this special new feeling and not disperse it in judgements of self-criticism
or fear or worry. It is too precious to waste.

Thank you Dr. Odmark and Dr. Sherson and all the people at your clinic. I feel
you have a great work in your hands and many people will benefit from your
NCR work.


Kathreen Drager
Prescott Valley, AZ (987 bytes)

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