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(Courtesy of Dr. Dean Howell's Patient Catalog)

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Description of Photos

Starting with the upper left corner: there are there or two photos of the young man to photo of the left do before photo, shows significant asymmetry. His forehead and cheek bones are not parallel with each other, and his eyes are positioned on a diagonal. If you were to draw a line from ear to ear, it would not be parallel to the ground. His head does not sit erect on his neck. After treatment, noticed that all of these problems are better.

The upper right photos: in his before photo, notice the general lack of symmetry in his face shape. His cheekbones are depressed and his eyes are sunken with dark circles beneath them. In his after photo, notice that his face is less long, so that now his face it is more oval. His eyes are now less deep set. The cheek bones are higher too.

Now for second pair of photos on the left side: If you look at the initial photo you'll notice that her face has a severe angularity with flatness on both sides of her face. The left side noticeably wider and shorter than the right side which is longer and narrower. There is an impression of the eyes' appearance being different sizes and shapes. There are also a number of fine wrinkles in her skin. Look at her second photo. Look at her features, they are now more regular. The left side and the right side are now more symmetrical. In the second photo she appears calmer and emotionally grounded than in the first photo.

In the second set of photos on the right side, it is obvious that her face has changed. Note the great change in the size of her eyes between the first and second photo. Her bones have been moved with NCR to the point where her eyes appear to be very different sizes. This is from the change in the shape of the eye sockets. With this change in the eyes' positions, they are displayed so changed that they appear to be different sizes. Her mouth is straighter in the second photo than in the first photo. Even the muscles in her neck seem smoother in the second photo.

The dated photographs you see in the eight-photograph sequence are from my office records. There are six pictures taken before the accident, and the last two are seven and nine months after the accident. The difference in the photos from before and after the accident are notable for the change in format, with the earlier pictures taken with a thirty-five millimeter camera and the later pictures taken with a digital camera. Mr. Rogers is freely standing in all of these portrait pictures. The changes in the relative position of his head are because of changes in his postural pattern. I took each portrait picture on the day in question. Mr. Rogers' pictures are sized so that his faces in each of the pictures remain approximately the same size. A photo anomaly that made the background appear blue has been removed from the last two portrait pictures. No retouching of the faces have occurred. I apologize for the darkness of the last two photographs (the digital camera has had its problems), but their use was very necessary.

Please note the gradual changes in the photo sequence. These show the effects of the naturopathic manipulations Mr. Rogers received from me. In the first photograph (taken during his incoming examination), Mr. Rogers holds his head stiffly erect, tilted slightly forward, with low cheekbones and a crooked nose. By the March 7 photograph, Mr. Rogers already displays a straighter nose, higher cheekbones and a more oval face as well as a more comfortable head position. One of his presenting complaints, sleep apnea, was almost corrected. He had improvement in spinal mobility and a decrease in pain. As the sequence progresses, the gradual changes in facial characteristics and improved head postural position is evident. Similarly, he reported continuing improvements in many facets of his physical actions as well. His chronic neck and back tightness gradually decreased. He was able to stand and extend his arms upward and bend his head backward. He told many people that he had never been able to do this at any time before that. In the final picture taken before the MVA, Mr. Rogers looks calm, peaceful and relaxed with a comfortable head position, high cheekbones, markedly different from his appearance on March 4.

Soon after the December 15 photograph, Mr. Rogers was in the motor vehicle accident in question. He did not return for treatment until the July treatment sequence. At that time, he had very little improvement of the symptoms that he reported soon after the accident: dizziness, neck and shoulder pain and numbness in his hands and arms. Even after four treatments (at the time of the photograph), the severe extension of his head is evident, with only some improvement by the September photograph. Note the slight tilt of the line drawn through the bottom of the ears in the July 14, 1997 photograph. When the ears are found at a tilt like this, the patient will often report dizziness, balance problems or clumsiness. In the September 19, 1997 photograph, the line is nearly horizontal, and Mr. Rogers reported that his balance was much improved.

This section courtesy of Dr. Dean Howell.

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