Patient Testimonials

The following are testimonials from the patients of Musich Chiropractic:

Help with relaxation
Neck Pain
Sleep Apnea

I suffered from neck pain and visited doctors who prescribed pain medicine.  After seeing Dr. Musich, the neck pain that always bothered me is gone, and he also cured by sleeping problem.  I'm able to relax much easier and also enjoy my outdoor activities.  Chiropractic really works and it doesn't have any side effects. 

Ariel Gubatinav

I suffer from sleep apnea, and ECT has significantly improved my breathing and sleeping.  I am experiencing an amazing overall improvement of health and physical well being.

Richard D. Yates

Each time I have an ECT treatment, I move closer to a relaxed condition.  When I started treatment, my teeth did not meet and within one session, I had a bite.  My teeth are continuing to move closer together.  My eyes and tempord bone are more relaxed.  My neck has greater range of motion.

This is the most powerful structural treatment that I know of and many problems that are not typically perceived as structural are in fact.  It can help a wide number of people dramatically.

Marti Khejel 

Lower Back

I'm a swimmer.  My lower back was constantly hurting.  Before seeing Dr. Musich, I had gone to Kaiser, with no success. After seeing Dr. Musich, I no longer have back pains.  I can sit comfortably in every chair and am able to swim every stroke, pain free!

 Rachael Gentry


I suffered from severe TMJ.  I could not open my mouth to eat anything but soft food..I could not chew!  I went to dentists, orthodontists and finally found Dr. Musich in October of 1997.  I was very skeptical about chiropractic treatment, but I felt it was my last resort.  Thanks for Dr. Musich, and can finally enjoy eating again (now my favorite hobby) and can yawn without holding my chin.

Kelly M. Kientzy

Improved Flexibility

I wanted you to personally know, Dr. Musich, about the most marked improvement I have felt since being treated with ECT by you.   I have felt a tremendous release of tension across my shoulders, and improved flexibility in my neck.  That is such a wonderful change that I can't begin to describe how much better I feel.  My neck is no longer locking up in the Atlas/Axis area...therefore, I have not had the migraine type headaches that used to occur.  My diaphragm has "opened up"...improving the amount of oxygen that I take in with each breath.  Funny thing I wasn't aware how shallow my breathing had been until this change occurred.  Of course, there has been an improvement in my posture, as a result. Obviously these treatments benefit me, as I am looking forward to my second series.  

Joan P. Burggraff


I have suffered with migraines since the age of 9.  I have underwent one year of intensive psychological therapy, acupuncture, extra-strength aspirin, Vicaden and other methods to relieve the pain. Dr. Musich's ECT treatment has taken away the migraines and now, if I find myself in a situation that would have given me a migraine, I just get a dull mild headache. I believe there really is hope for migraine sufferers... I would highly recommend this treatment, as it has really made a difference in my life. 


Jackie Bolen